Evolving your insights and analytics organizational design

The explosion of insights sources, approaches, and tools creates tremendous opportunity for organizations. However, businesses need to be organized to use them. Marketers’ single most common concern is how challenging it is to harness the the potential of everything they know about their consumers.

Organizational design is not a panacea. And there is no single organizational construct that is “best practice” and will work for every organization. However, creating the right linkages, reporting lines, knowledge management systems, and building from successes and failures can significantly help.

We start by learning your business, your organization, your culture, and your people. We reflect your business’s vision for the future, considering new roles and new knowledge needed. We bring insights-specific assessment tools and complement these tools with organizational knowledge we have generated from decades of working with hundreds of different insights organizations globally. With this, we work with you, and your leadership team, to define how to organize to capture your vision, and define the plan to get you there.

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