We are flexible in how we help organizations. Some of our services include:

Discovering Insights We use a wide range of approaches and sources to discover insights. We may custom design qualitative or quantitative research, or we may leverage an organization’s existing research and knowledge.  We care about impact, and we will use the most appropriate method to surface insights that will drive decisions.


Capturing C-Level Experience
Organizations have tremendous knowledge and experience, and we help capture and synthesize these valuable internal perspectives. We are adept and experienced at interviewing and working with senior executives. We often facilitate strategic workshops, moderate board meetings, and lead other executive interactions.


Ensuring  Insights Get Used 
We help ensure organizations can use insights in the following ways:


  1. We spend time understanding an organization and its team. We want to make sure we communicate insights in ways that stick
  2. Integrate insights into decision-making processes
  3. Develop insights plans and custom playbooks to guide future research
  4. Provide training on specific approaches or techniques