Generating insights and recommendations when you need strategic insights quickly

While we are not a classical marketing research agency, we do still enjoy generating insights and recommendations.   We typically do this in one of two ways

  1. Quick Consumer Assessments. For organizations that need a quick pulse on what consumers are doing, how they are shopping, how a brand is perceived today and where the growth is, or reactions to a concept, we have developed a suite of Quick Consumer Assessment tools to generate insights in days. We use our extensive experience across multiple industries and categories to quickly tailor an assessment survey and use the same experience to distill the results into relevant insights and recommendations.
  2. Insight-driven strategies. For organizations needing guidance on significant strategic business issues, such as brand strategy, innovation, value proposition development, product development, retail format, customer experience, product launch, price strategy, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver both the insights you need and the implications.

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